Ka Ipu Ka'eo
translates literally as “the full calabash.” The kaona, or figurative meanings imply a container overflowing and abundant, a symbol of prosperity and immeasurable wealth and knowledge.

Education, too, is a symbol of abundance and wealth. Not only does education prepare a person with skills and experience to choose an occupation and enter the workforce, it also gives a person the means to provide for his or her family and connect himself or herself to the larger community.

The Ka Ipu Kaeo Department consists of programs relating to fostering and furthering education for Native Hawaiians, specifically in the area of vocational, or career and technical education and training, which includes technology, natural resources, health and culinary arts.

The ipu was used by Hawaiian fishermen of old to store their fishing tools when they fished in the ocean. So like the ipu, you are present along the journey of Native Hawaiians today as they seek out a prosperous existence for themselves, their families, and their community.