Testimonials for Money Smarts  4.83 (364)

9/22/15: Michael: Helped me realize that it’s not too late and not hopeless to make a plan (budget), stick to it, and I can eventually become financially stable (independent).

9/14/15: Deodora: Everything that we talked about or went through, throughout this workshop was very helpful. Everything I’ve learned in here was helpful and gave me better understanding of my future.

6/24/15: Rina: I feel a lot was helpful just because I learned so much. Couldn’t have learned from a better perspective. Explaining situations that I question for myself. Everything was great!!!

6/24/15: Anonymous: Greg covered a whole lot of information (very informative) enthusiastically. I am grateful too for the way Greg presented the information. I am very grateful for the topics. All of these are very helpful.

6/24/15: David: Everything was wonderful. Great instructor.

6/13/2015: Chrystie: I’m glad I signed up. Although I work in the financial field I have been unable to help myself. Seeing things in a different light helped me to understand better. Awesome class. I wish this was offered in middle/high school so it can impact younger people to be prepared for life.

4/14/2015: Kristi: The entire course was very helpful. I will definitely apply the skills in the future.

3/18/2015: Angel: Both classes were very helpful for me. The instructor was very open and clear with every topic. I really enjoyed the Money Smarts classes. Everything was helpful! :) Instructor has a lot of great knowledge!!!

3/10/2015: Malia: All subjects were very helpful. Things in each section were made more clearly and I was able to ask Greg questions.

2/21/2015: Selesetina: It was all helpful. Didn’t know a lot until I took this class. My family actually has been saving since the first day of class.

2/18/2015: Kristine: I really found this entire class helpful. Thank you. Good information about credit, home owning. Was interesting too. :) Going to refer this class.